Custom Data Collection

The Cadasta platform allows partners to define their own data collection schema, as we know that data needs vary with the context. Our platform structures the data around three core entities: the Party (a person, family, or organization), the Place and the Relationship (rights, restrictions and responsibilities) connecting the Party to the Place.

In order to define the data collection parameter of your organization, we utilize the XLSForm format as an easy way to set how the data is collected, managed and queried. XLSForm is a form standard based on authoring forms using a spreadsheet. The forms are easy to use, while also allowing more complex forms and dependencies for those more familiar with XLSForms.

The fields defined within the form are associated with either the Place, Party or Relationship. The user has the ability to add as many fields as needed, customized to their local context. These could include fields for contact details, names of family members, geographic place names, how the land was aquired, or even information more relevant for a census, such as information on health, education or public services.

We have provided a couple of forms to help our partners get started:

  • A basic form for the bare minimum of data needed to be successfully linked to the platform and which users can add to; and
  • An expanded form that is the starting point for many of our partners.

Stay tuned as we will be adding additional generic forms in the near future.

For more information on XLSForms and details on how to get started, visit

If you need help with your form, don't hesitate to contact us!

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